See What I Made

by Brian Young

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released April 25, 2012

SWIM was made at home in South Pasadena CA from 2008-2010. Drums, Hammond Organ, Piano recorded at Mom & Dad’s in Rancho Cucamonga CA. Vox Super Continental, Silvertone Reed Organ, and Moog Opus 3 recorded at Annette’s in Valley Village CA. She also played the Ace-Tone Organ on "Chalet". Mixed in Eagle Rock and Whittier CA 2010-2012.

Artwork by Sean and Brigette. Visit:

Thanks to: my parents, the Pedrosian family, Laura and Kenny, Chris, Bill, Joe, Michael, Sean and Brigette, Cam, Josh, The Tartans, The Guestimates, Shelflife Records, and all my pals.

For Annette, my love.

Songs written, played and recorded by Brian Young. Copyright 2012 SWIM Music. Thanks for listening!



all rights reserved


Brian Young Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Mary Weiss
There's been something on my mind Mary
and I don't know how to explain
So let me start from the beginning
and pray that it all works out in the end
I was adrift before you found me
Desperately trying to find a way
But I stayed true to the notion that you
were somewhere waiting patiently
But everytime I tried to find you
I only ended up further away
Please Mary, tell me what should I do
when nothing seems to come to those who wait?
I knew that I was bound to meet you
and that we'd occupied the same rooms
But it's so hard to see what's right under your nose
when your head is in the stars
Track Name: Single and Loving It
A pretty face today on the personal page
and I think of how we used to laugh
at people on these things
But that was years ago when I felt so sure
that I'd be taken care of by the time I reached 30
Apparently, it doesn't always work that way
and at this point, I don't expect a thing
Another date tonight with a girl I met online
but is it worth the risk of being kissed,
rejected, then maligned?
Hardly a drink and you're already bored
While I was just trying to be polite,
she's starring at the door
Apparently, there must be something wrong with me
but I can't be the only one who feels like this
We're single and we're loving it
Someone waits in the wings who likes you
but you never feel the way they do
and there's the ones that you love
but cannot fall in love with
cos they can't keep a date
and that's something I can't tolerate
Apparently, there must be something wrong with me
cos I'm alone at another friend's wedding
Apparently, I'm just too picky
but I can't be the only one who feels like this
We're single and we're loving it
Track Name: At The Chalet
There's a picture in my head
of the first time that we met
It was taken on a night
that I'll never forget
Oh, they said it would never do any good
to look so hard for love
but there you were
Sitting right beside me
your leg touched mine
and I liked what I saw reflecting in your eyes
I was oblivious to everybody else
from that moment on
There's a memory of bliss
from the first time that we kissed
Saturday at "The Chalet"
as all the hipster kids sang in unison
some stupid Killers song
that I'd normally hate
but kinda like since then
Sitting right beside me
fingers entwined
and I liked what I saw reflecting in your eyes
I was oblivious to everybody else
from that moment on
Before we knew it was 2AM
and when the lights came on
I saw how lovely you really are
Then we played music in your car
after the bar shut down
and I could not believe what I had found
Sitting right beside me
your hand in mine
and I liked what I saw reflecting in your eyes
I was oblivious to everybody else
from that moment on
Track Name: Put Me at Ease
Put me at ease
if you want me to be honest dear
Cos I don't wanna be
the boy who just says what you want to hear
We've been down that road
and we both know where it goes
A song that I've loved
since I was young has new meaning tonight
As I lie awake
and say a prayer for everytime we fight
While you were sleeping so soundly on your side
I look at you and think to myself
"If you know me so well, why can't you read my mind?
Because I've been waiting here all this time"
So put my at ease
Darlin' please
Track Name: Fallen Leaves
Fallen leaves on the ground
of red, gold and brown
cover everything that's green
Another year has been reborn
New resolutions to ignore
floating like litter on the breeze
But we always tried to keep our dreams alive
by talking all about them
But you said too much, I never said enough
to keep the cold from rushing in
Now I must try to make amends
to my forgotten friends
they fall from me like fallen leaves
Another frozen New Year's spent
wrapped-up alone in bed
is not where I thought I would be
this time one year ago
and it kills me so, cos I was so in love with you
But now it's too late, cos what we had has
all but withered away
But there's still beauty in these colors that I see
falling all around us as tears stream down your cheeks
So long my love, oh we've become
just like all those fallen leaves
Track Name: Arms and Legs
Sometimes I wonder who I'd be
without my sunshine's company
I thought I liked the underground
until she took my hand and dug me out
Now when I'm alone,
I use these arms and legs
to walk back home and hold you near
when I hear your voice
the world starts spinning too fast
I know that you feel the same
I will never lose my way again
Now I wonder who you are
to lead us out so very far
and then you just left me to die
without a single friend in sight
Now I'm all alone
with useless arms and legs
I can't go on feeling this
I still hear your voice inside my head repeating
"you will never be the same,
you will never be the same again"
Track Name: Lonely Apartment Song
In my lonely apartment song
I told you I was wrong
But nobody was around to hear
so I went out for a walk
down my lonely street
with starlight hovering
A melody plays in my head
to the shuffle of my feet
Something you said interrupts my dreaming
and I remember why I ran screaming
But despite it all, you always had such style
I kick a rock and pray to God
that you're doing alright
Through the windows of South Pasadena homes
are families in front of their TVs as I walk alone
Now and then somebody else will pass by
I can barely lift my head to say "hi"
Walk back through the door
Throw my coat on the floor
Kick off my shoes,
I'm getting used to 'no new messages'
Lie my head on the couch
and as I start to fade
I see your face and though it kills me
I miss you still
Track Name: The Spirit Award Goes To...
I was wondering if you would take my head
and lead me through the darkness
I've been on my own out here so long
that I forget what light is
Did you catch a billion mile flight,
just to be with me tonight?
In a voice so quiet
the ear can't hear me
when I told you that I was waiting
Somehow I could tell that you just knew
Now is it really you before me?
Rocking gently off to sleep
and you're so good at telling stories
So guide me with your starlight eyes
and drift as we kiss goodnight
Track Name: Like You Always Do
When I see you
shining like you always do
I wanna tell ya
I'm glad you're here
and when you smile for me,
you're the only thing I see
When I hold you
in my arms again
and you tell me
about where you have been
Those other boys in other towns
I promise not to put them down
When I tell you how I've missed you
please indulge me,
say you've missed me too
Cos we both know you're still gonna go
just like you always do
whoa whoa whoa
When I see you
shining like you always do
I wanna tell ya
I'm glad we're friends
So won't you smile for me
cos you're so beautiful and free
So won't you smile for me
one more time before you turn to leave
Track Name: See What I Made
Marching around
like a solider on victory day
See what I made
I made a mess of everything
But I'm not ashamed
of the mistakes that I have made
Tried to be good, it wasn't good enough to
keep you warm through the coldest months
Our fires dimmed
when you make a fuss about every dumb thing
I wanna go out
and feel the sunlight on my arms
and breathe the cool LA air in my lungs
and try to decode the messages that you have sent
I'm not sure I'll ever understand, but
if you're gonna act like a punk
don't be surprised when I call your bluff
oh you should know by now
that I can take care of myself
I don't want to fight with you darlin'
I don't want to waste my time
It was us versus the world
how did we end up on opposing sides?
Walking around
the streets of my adopted town
on a clear day, I wish you were here with me
cos I can see past the valley to the sea
and I know we will love again...